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Make changes in your text with our free service. We have all text tools you may need in your daily text routine.

Sentence Case

An easy way to convert the beginning of sentences to uppercase for free. Convert misspelled lowercase letters at the beginning of a line to uppercase. Copy the generated content and paste it somewhere or download the text file.

Sentence Case Example
Your text will look like this


Lower case or just case transforms all the letter in your text into lowercase letter. What is Lower Case? It’s just a typeface of small characters. After text converting copy it and paste it where you need it.

Lower Case Example
your text will look like this


Sometimes you just need to transform letters in your text to all capital. And you can easily do it with this Upper Case tool - select the text that you need to change and paste into the box above, then select Uppercase.

Uppercase Example

Capitalized Case

If you need to convert text according to Capitalized case use this free tool. Just copy or write text and paste it into the column above and press Capitalize. In a second you will get converted text – all first letter of every word will be Upper and the remaining letters as lower.

Capitalized Case Example
Your Text Will Look Like This

Alternating Case

If you want to play with your text or just to make it look weirder – use an alternating case converter. You will get after text generating capital letter and then a lower case letter in the same word.

Alternating Case Example
yOuR TeXt wIlL LoOk lIkE ThIs


Free tool to capitalize normal text. Title Case Transform easy way to transform your text. Title case style is used for the titles of books, movies, songs, plays, and other works. In the title case, all major words are capitalized, while minor words are lowercased. Title case is also used for headlines in newspapers and blogs, and known as headline style.

Titlecase Example
Your Text Will Look Like This


If you have accidentally left the caps lock on, do not worry, now you don’t have to convert to lowercase manually. With this tool you will transform all your letters into the correct form. Paste the text and click the "Inversecase" button, that's it, your text is ready.

Inversecase Example (Before)
Inversecase Example (After)
Your correct text

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